Opportunities to Participate

There are numerous ways to become involved in giving through SCCF.  Your giving can contribute to a growing movement of generosity among women.  Your charitable experience can be enhanced by a Personal Giving Fund.  Or you can give to assist SCCF continue to spread the message of generosity and ministry engagement. Thank you for the ways in which you will help us share the joy of giving.


NOTE: All online giving is conducted through Stripe, a secure provider contracted by South Carolina Christian Foundation.  Upon selecting to donation option below, you will be linked to alternate website where all information you provide is encrypted for your online safety and security.


Circle 555 & The LOOP

The Christian Women's Giving Circle

Membership Dues primarily are for annual Ministry Grants to be made to local Gospel-centered non-profits impacting Women, Children and Families




Contributions to your Giving Fund, also known as your Donor Advised Fund, allows you to receive the tax deduction benefits now yet gives you time to choose the charities you will support.



Helping SCCF Help Those Who Help Others

Your Gifts to These Funds Ensures the Ongoing Work of a Generous Culture    Benefiting Gospel Ministries Across Our State and Around Our World.


Special Initiatives & Opportunities

Special Projects with Significant Impact