LEading through Serving

Our mission is to serve donors by assisting them in making their greatest impact through strategic charitable giving.  Our vision, in this, is to lead a movement of Biblical stewardship that will change lives for eternity.


SCCF Leadership Team

Bringing diverse gifts and varied backgrounds together, our staff is prepared to assist you in accomplishing your generous giving goals.  SCCF would appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to work with you toward proactive philanthropy.  Contact us if you would like information on charitable giving, local ministries, or ways to get involved.  We look forward to being your Charitable Advisor.

Board of Trustees

South Carolina Christian Foundation is guided by a board of five volunteers bringing experience and expertise in business, law, banking, accounting, real estate, and philanthropy. As the governing body of SCCF, the Board of Trustees sets the vision for the organization, protects the mission and ensures the levels of excellence and integrity we provide to our clients, ministries and communities.  

Strategic Vision Advisory Council

(Coming Soon)

The Strategic Vision Advisory Council (SVAC) is a gathering of Christian professionals focusing on addressing South Carolina's most pressing cultural issues from a Biblical perspective. Bringing a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, an entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and godly wisdom, these leaders recommend to the Trustees strategic ways to leverage Christian resources for cultural impact.