To be eligible for any of the grants processes at South Carolina Christian Foundation, a prospective ministry recipient must first complete the Ministry Introduction Form. If your organization has not yet completed the introduction process, please click the link below.  If you are unsure, please see the Ministry Connect feature to see if your organization is listed.

Community Trust Grants

South Carolina Christian Foundation established Community Trusts in order to better serve the current and emerging needs of ministries across the state.  If your organization has an emergency need of resources due to unforeseen or unexpected events, please contact us.  

These funds may or may not be applicable to your ministry's situation.  Unfortunately, SCCF is not able to fund every request or meet every need.  However, we encourage you to contact us allowing us to serve you as best as we can.

Community Trust Grants are awarded on a case-by-case "As Needed" Basis. Contact us to see if your organization is eligible.  


Circle 555 Grants

Circle 555, the Women's Giving Circle of South Carolina Christian Foundation, offers annual grants to ministries specifically addressing women, children, and families.  These grants are open to organizations operating in the counties where a Circle 555 Chapter is present.  

Currently Circle 555 - Greenville is accepting grant applications. 

If your organization is located in a county offering grants and is listed in the Ministry Database but did not receive a grant application, please contact SCCF. 

Annual Ministry Grants

These grants are offered to ministries in the counties where SCCF has offices.  Christian organizations in these cities are invited to participate in a grants application process.  A grants committee consisting of local volunteer leaders evaluate the applications and name the recipients. Ministries receiving grants are awarded their grant at a Celebration Banquet.

The calendar for these grant cycles vary from city to city.

Currently, there are no annual grant application processes underway.