Ministry Highlight: JumpStart

Recidivism is the term describing the rate ex-offenders return to prison after release from a prior crime.  The SC Dept. of Corrections has a rate greater than 70%, meaning 7 out of 10 return to prison within 3 years.  Jumpstart, a Christian Correctional ministry, has a rate of less than 5%. They are effectively moving ex-offenders back into the community.


Perry Chapel Foundation

Due to limited space available at Perry Prison, chaplains and ministries need places reserved for Bible Studies, Pastoral Counseling, Prayer, and Small groups. This initiative is to build a chapel within the prison walls to provide space reserved for faith engagement.


Neighborhood Focus

Changing eternity hinges on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Changing the life comes through education.  Neighborhood Focus blends the Gospel and education to under-resourced children and families in the mill communities of Greenville.  Their comprehensive approach addresses all aspects of need allowing them to transform the communities they serve.