CURRENT focal points of impact

While through SCCF you may give to numerous charitable organizations the world over or toward a variety of specific causes, SCCF at this time is raising awareness of the following issues in our state.  Please return to this page as our Focal Points of Impact will change.

SCCF oversees several Community Trust Funds through which the collective financial support of the Christian community is gathered and disbursed to those ministries, organizations, and agencies serving our state.

If you wish to donate using stocks, bonds, IRAs, Real Estate, Business Interest or other complex asset, please CONTACT our staff to guide you through the giving process.  Checks may be made payable to SCCF and mailed to our Gifts Processing Center in Spartanburg, SC. If giving by check, please note the Community Trust or cause you are supporting in the memo line.


Matthew 25 Community           Trust Fund

Assisting the "Least of These" across our State.

The Poor, the Hungry, the Thirsty, the International, the Naked, the Sick, and the Offender      (Matthew 25: 35-40)



The James 1 Community Trust Fund

Caring for South Carolina's Most Vulnerable

Our Elderly Population, Our Social Orphans, and Our Impressionable Students      (James 1:27)



The Good Samaritan Fund

Providing Crucial Resources at Critical Times

Disaster Relief & Emergency Needs   (Luke 10:25-37)



Making Giving Easy and Effective


Contributions to your Donor Advised Fund allows you to receive the tax deduction benefits now yet gives you time to decide the charities you desire to support.



Helping SCCF Help Those Who Help Others

Your Gifts to These Funds Ensures the Ongoing Work of a Generous Culture    Benefiting Gospel Ministries Across Our State and Around Our World.


Special Initiatives & Opportunities

Special Projects with Significant Impact