Serving donors

SCCF guides individuals, families, businesses and their advisors toward experiencing the joy of generosity and the excitement of changing lives forever.


SCCF accomplishes this by


Biblical Stewardship

God owns everything and we are His property managers. These fundamental realities are often eclipsed by the prosperity gospel and the pursuit of the American dream. Yet God has a greater gospel and a larger vision for wealth. SCCF assists you in understanding the how and why of managing God's resources for your good and His glory.


Proactive Philanthropy

You constantly receive requests for charitable gifts. Whether by mail or in person, when "the Ask" is made, you are on the Reactive side of the giving equation. Working with you to identify your personal charitable passions, your giving goals, and your total asset pool, SCCF guides you toward strategic, significant, and Proactive Philanthropy.


Collective Impact

Whether it be other like-minded donors, a new charity, or a financial advisor who shares your values, the relationships you find through SCCF will assist you in making your most significant impact through giving.  In addition, through SCCF's Community Trusts, you can connect with others to meet needs and solve problems across the State.